Flexible, efficient wind power
for energy autonomy

Growing renewable energy needs...

...strong demand for energy efficiency

According to the International Energy Agency, global renewable production could grow by at least 6000 TWh per year until 2030 – of which half at least from solar and wind.

1500 TWh per year equals 7 million 100 kW Flexeole units! !

And still according to the IEA, energy efficiency is “the first fuel of a sustainable global energy system”.

But global energy efficiency improvements are slowing.

Which means new solutions are required.

Flexeole is a new form of wind control, based on innovative rotor technology, offering

  • Renewable energy, no emissions, limited landscape impact.
  • Flexible high-availability energy, allowing customers to free themselves from the grid.
  • Competitive energy, reducing customers’ bills

Flexeole: Flexible Wind Technology

* For annual average wind speed of 7 m/s – compared to 30% for competing models.

Flexeole: Competitive Economics

4500 €/kW

3,9 c/kWh

11,6 c/kWh

Customer installed cost

Variable production cost

Full life-cycle levelized cost